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Date: Sun Mar 04 2007 - 07:49:07 CST

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    Converting to a non-Unicode codepage is one thing, removing all "accents" is a completely different thing.
    The latter is a false start to just about everything. Note also that many, if not most, non-Unicode codepages
    are NOT "accent free".
            /kent k


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    The referenced page addresses a real problem. A substantial percentage of the world's computing is handled by unglamorous legacy
    systems, especially in the more advanced locations. Most of them can only handle their legacy encodings, some are even effectively
    7-bit ASCII. The problem of converting from Unicode to such a system is real and common.

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    That falls in the same kategory as konvertin C and Q to K and Z to S, or for that
    matter turnin B into P, D to T, PH to F, ant similal. Ol even R to L, TH to Y, NG to N...
    Now, vy is yere no stantalt <yer favorit programin lanuaq or liblaly> tat tas TAT?
    <reset keep='rhetorical'/>
    The idea is just as good as the one presented in the web page referred to below.
        /kent k


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    See <


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