Re: Unihan/CJK Radical bone character slightly mirrored?

Date: Sun Mar 11 2007 - 10:41:23 CST

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    Dear Jeroen,

    in unicode terms whether the square is on the left or the right is a
    matter for the fontmaker to decide for the character U+9AA8, or for
    any of the 304 other characters in unicode that have U+9AA8 as part of
    the character.

    John knightley

    Quoting Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven <>:

    > Apologies for replying to myself.
    > -On [20070311 15:01], Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven
    > ( wrote:
    >> One thing has me wondering. In my New Nelson, Learner's Kanji Dictionary,
    >> Kanji & Kana, my Canon G55 Wordtank and various other references I have
    >> (print version of a Dictionary of Chinese Buddhist terms and such)
    >> and various
    >> fonts I have show the kanji for bone to have the top part have the corner
    >> squared off on the right side and not the left side as code points
    >> 0x2ee3 [1]
    >> and 0x9aa8 [2]. The KangXi radical code point 0x2fbb [3] has it displayed
    >> correctly.
    > I noticed that the Japanese and Korean fonts I have have the bone radical
    > (0x9aa8) with the corner on the right-hand side whereas Chinese fonts have it
    > on the left-hand side.
    > Is this a simple case of a miswritten character, or something like that, when
    > hanzi were taken through buddhist studies to Japan to become kanji? And did
    > Korea get it through the Japanese?
    > Would it still not warrant having the right-hand side glyph as an alternative
    > one to 0x9aa8 if such is the case?
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