Re: ISO 6429 control sequences with non-ASCII CES's

From: Frank Ellermann (
Date: Mon Mar 12 2007 - 13:20:25 CST

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    Doug Ewell wrote:
    > I get the impression from reading ECMA 48 that these control sequences
    > are defined directly on byte values, not character values. That means
    > they could not be used with Unicode character encoding schemes such as
    > UTF-16, UTF-7, or SCSU, which represent U+001B as something other than
    > the single byte 0x1B. It also means they *could* be used with UTF-8.
    > Is this correct?

    I'm not sure that I understand your question. Where the UTF-16 or SCSU
    versions of <CRLF> don't work as <CRLF> you have a problem. In that
    sense the answer could be "yes". For a new related Internet Draft see


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