RE: ISO 6429 control sequences with non-ASCII CES's

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Tue Mar 13 2007 - 19:48:51 CST

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    > Another option would be to encode only two new controls in Unicode:
    > * start control sequence;
    > * end control sequence.

    No. A very bad idea, IMO.

    If you want to write ISO 2022-conformant code that makes use
    of registered Escape sequences, then write ISO 2022-conformant
    code to do so, and have it detect the registered Escape sequences
    corresponding to the character set identifications (or any
    other other pertinent usages of Escape sequences) it is concerned
    with. That is what ISO 2022 is all about.

    There is no point in having Unicode and then turning around
    and destroying the main thrust of it by creating formal
    ways to start embedding control sequences in it and seeking
    to interpret them *as if* Unicode were ISO 2022.

    Au contraire, if you want to do stuff like this, then simply
    make use of:

    ESC 25 2F 49

    to announce use of UTF-8 *in* an ISO 2022 context, and be
    on your merry way using UTF-8 embedded *in* ISO 2022 data


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