Re: Arabic numbers

From: Behnam (
Date: Wed Mar 14 2007 - 19:20:29 CST

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    On 14-Mar-07, at 8:32 PM, John Hudson wrote:

    >> modern time, it was never displayed as 123...
    >> In Arabic language it is displayed as you typed it and it is not
    >> indic. Indic numeral have different shape for some numbers as ٤
    >> ٥ ٦ which are shaped as ۴ ۵ ۶
    > The latter are actually Persian, and only 'Indic' insofar as they
    > were adopted, along with the Persian nas'taliq script, in the Urdu
    > culture of the Mughal rulers of India. [There are, by the way, some
    > further, Urdu-specific glyph variants of the Persian numerals.]

    I always wondered why they are called Indic in Unicode!

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