Re: Comment on PRI 98: IVD Adobe-Japan1 (pt.2)

Date: Thu Mar 15 2007 - 08:37:01 CST

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    Dear Sir,

    On Wed, 14 Mar 2007 13:59:03 -0700
    Ken Lunde <> wrote:
    > > Adobe-Japan1 IVS includes following 10 characters whose
    > > codepoint is not included in N3091 subsets.


    > > I wish if these CIDs are reconsidered to fit N3091 subsets,
    > > for easier information interchange in Japanese markets.
    > > Detailed analysis will be discussed in Comment 7.
    > This request/suggestion, while certainly reasonable, seems to be out
    > of context with regard to the Adobe-Japan1 IVD registration submission.

    There's any better section to discuss about the character
    set covered by IVS proposal? I think, the character set
    covered by Adobe-Japan1 IVS is "new" subset for Japanese
    market (because it includes the codepoints which is never
    classified as "existing character in Japan", by IRG).
    Furthermore, it is different from existing "UniJIS" coverage
    by Adobe.

    In addition, I think, these codepoints are used to disunify
    several ideographs unified by JIS X 0208 or 0213 unification
    rules. Why these CIDs are used for IVS for non-JIS ideographs
    instead of IVS for JIS ideographs?
    > > Comment 2: codepoints in CJK Compatibility Ideographs
    > > =====================================================
    > >
    > > According to TechNote #5078, Adobe CMaps and cid2code.txt,
    > > Adobe-Japan1-6 is designed to cover JIS X 0213 and
    > > most vendor extended Shift-JIS variants (e.g. Microsoft
    > > codepage 932), but the most codepoints of CJK Compatibility
    > > Ideographs for JIS X 0213 compatibility and common Japanese
    > > vendor extension are not used in the proposal (in following,
    > > I call them "avoided codepoints"). I guess, the avoided
    > > codepoints are just "the out of scope" of IVD Adobe-Japan1
    > > (in fact, Unicode Technical Report #37 is written for CJK
    > > Unified Ideographs, no mention about CJK Compatibility
    > > Ideographs), and IVD Adobe-Japan1 does not concern the
    > > availability of ideographs at the avoided codepoints.


    > > I want JIS and IRG experts to give comments about the IVD for
    > > CJK Compatibility Ideographs.
    > The original data that I created included CJK Compatibility
    > Ideographs. Because IVSes become a mechanism for handling CJK
    > Compatibility Ideographs, with the exception of the twelve characters
    > in the BMP's CJK Compatibility Ideographs block that are considered
    > CJK Unified Ideographs (see page 424 of "The Unicode Standard,
    > Version 5.0"), I was told to exclude them from use in IVSes.

    Thank you, I'm glad to hear that the original data included CJK
    Compatibility Ideographs. The reason you gave is exactly what
    I guessed (see my comment 6). If somebody in Unicode Consortium
    told you so, please let me know. Possibly the handling of the
    codepoints in CJK Compatibility Ideographs used by JIS X 0213
    (and other national standards) might be generic issue for IVD,
    so (as I wrote in original post) I want JIS and IRG experts to
    comment about the issue: whether CJK Compatibility Ideographs
    (except 12 exceptional codepoints) can be used in IVS or cannot
    be used.


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