Re: Comment on PRI 98: IVD Adobe-Japan1 (pt.2)

Date: Wed Mar 21 2007 - 16:26:34 CST

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    Dear Eric,

    In IVD Adobe-Japan1 many codepoints with just one glyph are included,
    which since adobe is the first to registar a collection makes sense to
    me. However according to <> any
    collection could also do the same thing. This would mean that for one
    code point that was in N collections it could have N VS that were all
    identical glyphs, would it not be better to change tr37 so that
    duplicate glyphs in the IVS are not permited for any one codepoint,
    but rather the same VS could be named in more that one collection.
    This still allows people to put what they want in a collection of
    glyphs, but stops the unnecessary creation of VS but does not limit
    the number of collections in any way. Since no collections have yet
    been registared a change like this to tr37 be possible now, and IMHO
    desirable. Though such a change makes registaring collections slightly
    harder (but registaring a collection is a relatively rare event), it
    makes almost everything else easier.

    John Knightley

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