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Date: Fri Apr 13 2007 - 13:13:30 CST

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    > Philippe Verdy wrote:
    > > One of the most wellknown organization working in France for the
    > > development of Braille reading is the "Association Valentin Hauÿe".
    > Should probably be written as "Association Valentin-Haüy."

    Oops! Yes...

    Further resources for the current international standard for French Braille,
    adopted now in most francophone countries:

    This is a necessary complement (finalized in 2006) to the recent adoption of
    the standard mathematical Braille transcription system (adopted in last
    November, published a few weeks ago, and mandatory for all publications
    starting in next September).

    I must cite them because it is easier to find resources about English
    Braille (but there are several competing standards).

    You'll find references for the standard 6-dot system, with complete
    reference about how to codify not only characters, but also elements with
    semantic importance like emphasizing, indices and exponents which are more
    than just style. There are also important notes about the notation of
    capitals, and the alternation of the base code and numeric code, as well as
    the semantics of abbreviations.

    The legacy 8-dot system for CP437 computing applications (1971) is also
    described but deprecated, modified later to solve ambiguities between dots
    and apostrophes and a few characters, and then modified in favour of a
    CP1252-compatible encoding. This final version was made to give excellent
    compatibility with the standard 6-dot system, so that the meaning of
    characters with dots 7 or 8 can be guessed from 6-dot only characters, and
    automated transcoding between 6-dot and 8-dot systems becomes possible
    without creating confusion.

    There remains space in the current 6-dot system for future extensions (such
    extension is impossible with the 8-dot system, unless the few unused
    positions in CP1252 (which are all bound to the same 6-dot pattern) are
    given new meanings (and then mapped with a corresponding sequence of 6-dot

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