Re: U+289e3

From: James Kass (
Date: Mon Apr 16 2007 - 12:53:25 CST

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    John H. Jenkins replied,

    >> now check it at once.
    >> 28e93 = 28e93 = 28e93
    >U+9686 has an extra stroke in the right-hand component. In IDS terms,
    >U+28E93 would be something like ⿰阜⿱夂生 and U+9686 is ⿰阜⿳

    Interesting. Fonts like MS Gothic and MS Mincho do not show the
    extra stroke (radical # 1) in their glyphs for U+9686. So, these two
    fonts (at least) show glyphs identical to U+28E93.

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