spammed replies listed in the CLDR bug report online

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Tue Apr 17 2007 - 12:45:34 CST

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    Can we get rid of the many spammed messages that were repeatedly submitted
    to the CLDR bug report listed online?

    Note: the survey #956 is valid (speaks about Swiss Franc symbol) but most
    responses that were made after it are just garbage (starting at reply #4)

    (various porn sites and unsafe banking investments sites... that the Unicode
    website should avoid advertising, to avoid cross-referencing in search

    And take action against the submitters.
    Submitted by "dgjghjf(at)", "jhiygh(at)",
    "gfnhgfdg(at)", "iyguiyg(at)", "fdhhjfg(at)",
    "fdsh01dfg(at)", "fdsghdf(at)",
    "Alex22(at)", "Alex38(at)", "Alex54(at)",
    "Alex57(at)", "Alex69(at)", "Alex76(at)",
    "Alex85(at)", "Alex87(at)", "Alex94(at)",
    "Alex95(at)", "Alex98(at)", "John13(at)",
    "John15(at)", "Red96(at)",

    There may be other areas were these spammy users "contributed" and whose
    replies should be cleaned up...

    In the CLDR report, suspect areas are those that exhibit unusual numbers of

    It seems that the required subscription check and email verification before
    submitting replies is missing or not working (possibly a security issue)...


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