Re: PDF for Ideograph ExtC where is ? :about U+24FB3

From: Shohji Itoh (
Date: Thu Apr 19 2007 - 09:43:47 CST

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    Subject: Re: PDF for Ideograph ExtC where is ?

    > Extension C is still not part of unicode yet, it may well be 2008 before
    > it becomes official
    > <>
    I can't access the file now.

    > gives the proposed list.
    > There will definitely be some changes, for example see
    I got that.

    > John Knightley

    Thank you Sir.

    I can find U+24FA4 𤾭 in MorohasiDaikanwaDict in @022801.
    But I can't know that the U+24FB3 𤾳 have same readings and means, or not.
    Please teach me the way to search.
    U+24FA4 can be readed with 東韻三等來母,
    I want to know that: we can say the two words have same useing, or not.

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