RE: Some Fonts can view Compatibility Ideographs Suppliment on MS ?

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Sat Apr 21 2007 - 21:05:22 CST

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    The support for characters in the supplementary ideographic planes will not work on all PCs by default without adding software.
    Windows 9x/ME do not have full support for supplementary planes with the OS, as these product came to end of life.
    Even on other Widnwos systems, this support will not be automatic:
    * you need full support for supplementary planes in the OS
    * you need this support for softwares installed on the OS
    * you need appropriate fonts. Some fonts are coming out of the box with the OS, but they are fixed in some time, and will not include all characters that have been standardized since then.

    So you need to give to your users indications about how to install the necessary addons:
    * updates to the softwares they use
    * indications about where to find those fonts
    You may distribute theses addons as part of your solutions, according to their licences. Unicode does not provide such software add-ons or updates or fonts. Here you'll only find information about the evolutions of the standard. Unicode has never built any "PC", so it cannot support any "PC" user. In fact the standard developed by Unicode is not only for "PC" users, it is intended to be used globally on every kind of hardware. Unicode does not build or provide any hardware (except books and CDROMs that are sold though authorized publishers).

    So ask to "MS and benders", not to Unicode here! This list is not a "MS and benders" support service.

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    > ex. I need to use x2f847[口縁無糸(喙)]@003952 with all PC users.
    > When MS and benders do them ?
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