Re: Some Fonts can view Compatibility Ideographs Suppliment on MS ?

Date: Mon Apr 23 2007 - 12:20:57 CST

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    Dear James,

    The inclusion of EXtension C in this way is definitely wrong, and I
    expect will cause problems for people who use the Extension C part of
    the font because the unicode numbers of the official Extension C will
    be different.

    The site in Chinese says the version 9.2 of the software includes all
    4,219 characters in extension C (the site also offers two IME for all
    75,000 cjkv characters, even though the last 4,219 of these have yet
    to be approved) which is among many other things being discussed at
    the WG2 meeting being held in Frankfurt this week (Mon 23rd - Fri 27th
    April). The WG2 meeting is one step of the official approval process.

    It is normal pratice in the approcal process to make modifications
    were needed during the approval process. Changes were made to
    extension B during the approval process. Even if the unicode numbers
    just change by one this means any extension C written using this font
    will become jumbled up. The installation process in Chinese says that
    the 4,219 charcaters on Extension C are standard which is very
    definitely wrong.

    Some of the characters that might not be included are mentioned in
    <> which has been
    revised since the last time it was mentioned on this list. If just one
    of these is not included then the most likely thing is that the
    codepoints of all the subsequent characters would change by one.

    Having just checked, the font file itself does not include any
    copyright information, which both commerical and free fonts would all
    normally have.

    John Knightley

    Quoting James Kass <>:

    > Shohji Itoh wrote,
    >> Now from your words, I tried to looking up the font that can view the shape,
    >> and found that "Sun-ExtB" can viewing.
    >> Anyway I can set
    >> .CSup{Font-Family:"Sun-ExtB";}
    >> for them, from now.
    >> ( But I don't know the "Sun-ExtB" came from where.. )
    > The font "sun-extb" can be downloaded from this page:
    > It is in an executable called "UniFonts.exe". The executable
    > installs several new fonts to the system.
    > The font "sun-extb" does include glyphs for all of
    > CJK Extension C as well as Extension B. Since Ext C is
    > not yet official, and since some code points may be changed,
    > this seems a bit premature.
    > Best regards,
    > James Kass

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