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From: Johannes Bergerhausen (
Date: Mon Apr 30 2007 - 02:40:42 CST

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    Am 29.04.2007 um 23:37 schrieb Adam Twardoch:

    > The problems of "soft buttons" is that they're not as palpable as
    > "hard buttons". A good keyboard button is optimized to offer a
    > perfectly comfortable sensory response (audible and palpable). With
    > enough feedback coming through the eyes and the fingers, the human
    > can lay the eyes on something else.

    Of course. Thatís why the Optimus keyboard has hard buttons :-)

    > With an on-screen virtual keyboard, even on a touch screen, this
    > comfort is not there. When pressing onto touchscreen "buttons", you
    > need to look carefully where you are pressing. On a keyboard made
    > of real buttons, it's much easier to navigate with your fingers.
    > One should remember that the sensory abilities of human fingers are
    > very high, so touching feeds a lot of information into one's brain.
    > A combined look-and-feel user interaction is much better than one
    > only based on looking.

    Exactly. Perhaps we need (for future laptops for example) the
    invention of a soft screen keyboard with real hard button feedback.

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