RE: Uppercase ß is coming? (U+1E9E)

From: Kent Karlsson (
Date: Fri May 04 2007 - 16:30:34 CST

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    John Hudson wrote:
    > [...] I think of a small*cap* A glyph even when I know it is
    > representing a lowercase a character in the text string.

    Smallcaps represent (x-height) *capital* letters (with language
    dependent toupper rules used, whether manually or automatically,
    if the source uses lowercase), no matter what font hacks have been
    done (and are still done) w.r.t smallcaps.

    I think the uppercase ß proposal is fine as it is.

    And that ligating "SS" to a capital ß would be surprising
    and most likely very undesired under any circumstances.

    Maybe if you ligate "M-A-j-UUU-s-K-E-l--*-ESSO#S" to a capital ß...
    ...could be a font Easter egg for you ;-)

    But seriously, for the Latin script, modern-day ligatures look
    very much like the underlying characters's glyphs. Indic scripts
    is another matter.

            /kent k

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