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Date: Wed May 09 2007 - 12:55:23 CDT

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    I see that you are trying to store exactly the list of non ASCII letters
    needed for writing French, but your system does not list support for any
    French locale, only English US and default POSIX

    Second: and are not in any of the encodings supported in the lists of

    Yes they are not in ISO 8859-1 (only in ISO 8859-15 which made a fewchanges
    for the Euro, and for French) but in Windows-1252 (the Windows ANSI
    codepage for Western European Latin).

    May be this will work if you install the locales for French



    De : [] De la
    part de Ankit Jain
    Envoy : mercredi 9 mai 2007 15:06
    Objet : on IBM AIX


    Hi All


    I am using IBM AIX version 5.1, oracle 9.2 client and Oracle 10g server.


    I am passing the following characters:
    . these characters get stored in the database, but when i
    retrieve them, " " becomes inverted question mark...


    I checked the locales of the IBM AIX and found the following:





    One can see that there is not UTF-8 locale here.


    I suppose that "" character can be viewed using UTF-8 encoding.

    if that supposition is right, then how to install UTF-8 locale here or if i
    am wrong, how to retrieve them

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