RE: [unicode] CJK variation modifier

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Mon May 21 2007 - 05:56:07 CDT

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    > Gerrit Sangel <> wrote:
    > >If there were a way to store the information about
    > >the variation of the character in the text itself,
    > >I think, it would be possible to create a font
    > >to include all CJK characters?
    > To include all CJK characters including glyphs for each
    > language, the number of glyph will be greater than 64k
    > (the size of CJK Unified Ideographs (inc. all Extensions)
    > is almost about 64k - if we collect non-unified variants
    > for CJKV, the number must be greater than a few times of
    > 64k). They cannot be packed into single TrueType/OpenType
    > font which has limitation of 64k glyphs. You will have
    > to implement new font format of larger character collection
    > and rasterizers, text render etc etc. I guess it is not
    > what you want.

    Given that the newer extensions for CJK ideographs will be introduced, how
    can a complete font for CJK be defined as it will need more than 64k
    characters even when storing a single variation?

    Is the OTC extension for Opentype able to handle such case, by creating in a
    single font file multiple fonts packed together, and crosslinked with an
    explicit fallback from one font to the other in the same pack?

    If such extension is used, doesn't it help reduce the impact of the 64K
    glyph limitation and then allowsstoring multiple variants?

    Or will it require changing the table formats for extendong the internal
    binary storage size for glyph id's?

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