Re: [unicode] CJK variation modifier

From: Gerrit Sangel (
Date: Mon May 21 2007 - 12:43:55 CDT

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    I don't really have as much background knowledge as you have, I just made up
    my mind about some problems which I encountered using plain text files. So I
    can't really compete with your knowledge, I hope this won't be too bad. Maybe
    just see this as a perspective from an ordinary user.

    Am Montag 21 Mai 2007 11:50 schrieben Sie:
    > I guess what you want had ever been proposed as
    > "language tagging".
    > It was obsoleted, because the language specification in
    > plain Unicode text will conflict with higher level
    > language specifications in XML, HTML etc. ISO-2022
    > encoding may be better solution for such requiement.

    Hm, yes, but, as I said, you don't always use XML oder HTML. For example, if
    you are using mixed characters in plain text files, you have a bit of a
    problem to let the editor know, when to use which font.

    > >If there were a way to store the information about
    > >the variation of the character in the text itself,
    > >I think, it would be possible to create a font
    > >to include all CJK characters?
    > To include all CJK characters including glyphs for each
    > language, the number of glyph will be greater than 64k
    > (the size of CJK Unified Ideographs (inc. all Extensions)
    > is almost about 64k - if we collect non-unified variants
    > for CJKV, the number must be greater than a few times of
    > 64k). They cannot be packed into single TrueType/OpenType
    > font which has limitation of 64k glyphs. You will have
    > to implement new font format of larger character collection
    > and rasterizers, text render etc etc. I guess it is not
    > what you want.

    Yes, I knew of the limitation of True Type/Open Type. I don't really know, but
    I guess Open Type won't be the end of font development? Maybe in the future
    there could be a font format which does not have the limitation of 64000
    characters and the computers will be fast enough to render them as fast as

    Gerrit Sangel

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