Re: Combining Overstruck diacritics

From: tom gewecke (
Date: Wed May 30 2007 - 06:56:06 CDT

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    On May 29, 2007, at 11:24 PM, Marnen Laibow-Koser wrote:

    > On May 29, 2007, at 11:21 PM, Doug Ewell wrote:
    >> They don't just look the same, they are the same. You may have
    >> typed <00EE> in the first example and <0069, 0302> in the second,
    >> but some process converted the second example back to <00EE>
    >> before it reached the mailing list.
    > And that's how they looked from the moment I typed them. They
    > certainly do fuse into one character in the backing store.

    I think Apple's Mail app does normalize outgoing text to composed
    forms, so even if you type 0069 0302 the result is 00EE. But
    TextEdit, the standard text editor, does not do that.

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