Re: U+2FA1A {-} U+2A503 ?

From: Shohji Itoh (
Date: Sun Jun 03 2007 - 20:54:15 CDT

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    At each time(each his mails about me), he give a impression that "may be say
    some good" "I must be look with heart ?",
     but say bad on neach time, and did'nt say any good or better ex. a "sorry",
    and no any answer( better to be with "sorry").
    So I tryed to translate his word:
        "I think that you(=me) must be make Satan with Satan, and must be die
    only with bad empty. And anyway at first, we must be heit you. OK ? You poor
    fool. I'm a one of greaters. Ah ha...".
        "If you get some good from some one, I can cut and kill and give damages
    for the line of the relations and their brave."
        "Anyway I'm free and can have varieties, have with the power, and
    he(=me) must be loss all from now and in future."
    like them.
    His words are one that likes a case for societic psicho analyst, or likes a
    dirty punches with AIDS virus, for me.

    > From: "Philippe Verdy" <>
    > (like there's one for Hebrew and CLDR issues)

    Whats the CLDR ?

    And some, some, I want to say "Hi Charlie ! How do you do ?" to the
    Heaven, now.

    {- have no rel._s with "unicode" and poor
    have rel._s with "unicode" (but poor likes siet too) -}

    > dkw2ucs.txt
    The typer Mr. K.T. said: I think that want to be going myway at first, its
    better than try to add Unihan.txt direct.


    D00198.0 DR005 DS08 U+200F7 -} U+200F6
    D14147.0 DR072 DS11 -} U+23296
    D48320.0 DR206 DS02 U+2FA1A -} U+2A503 ( {--} # U+2FA1A)
    D01504.0 DR012 DS18 U+034B9 -} D01504 ( = D23802 )
    D02022.0 DR018 DS07 -} U+034EA
    U+2003D -} # S085235{H(159)-264}
    D02775.0 DR025 DS00 U+20062 -} U+20061 # U+20062
    D03113.0 DR028 DS13 U+20B0D -} U+03359 # U+20B0D
    D03314.0 DR030 DS03 -} U+03568
    D03410.0 DR030 DS04 -} U+03410
    D03411.0 DR030 DS04 -} U+03411
    D03519.0 DR030 DS05 -} U+03519
    D03864.0 DR030 DS08 -} U+035AB
    D05305.0 DR032 DS09 -} U+03654
    D05717.0 DR035 DS06 U+0590D -} U+03686 # U+0590D
    D05905.0 DR037 DS05 -} U+21602
    D05906.0 DR037 DS05 U+21602 -} U+03699
    D06260.0 DR038 DS06 U+036CA -} U+036C6 # U+036CA
    D07062.0 DR040 DS02 -} U+0374B
    D07189.0 DR040 DS07 -} U+0375A
    D07550.0 DR043 DS03 U+0377C -} U+22BD1 # U+0377C
    D07931.0 DR046 DS04 -} U+037B5
    D48852.0 DR213 DS04 -} U+04DB0
    D09107.0 DR050 DS13 U+2F888 -} U+2F888 # U+3862
    D09299.0 DR053 DS06 U+2F88A -} U+2F88A # U+0387C
    D10171.0 DR060 DS09 -} U+038EA
    D10548.0 DR061 DS06 -} U+0392B

    If you know a data that better that his one, please tell me today. Sorry.

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