Re: [OT] non-terrestrial writing systems

From: Andrew West (
Date: Tue Jun 05 2007 - 09:44:54 CDT

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    On 05/06/07, Doug Ewell <> wrote:
    > > i. Mr. Taichi Kawabata: PUA has only two planes and a few rows. There may
    > > be user groups who want to use these planes for private use purposes. 17
    > > planes may not be enough.
    > Ah, this would be one of the continuing attempts to ignore the
    > character-glyph model and Han unification, and treat Unicode/10646 as a
    > glyph encoding.

    I don't think so, as Mr. Kawabata is one of the people who is leading
    the effort to identify unifiable characters in CJK-C and CJK-D. In
    fact the Japanese are the one member of IRG who are, in my opinion,
    most concerned about eliminating duplicate and unifiable characters,
    If anyone seems to want to treat Unicode/10646 as a glyph encoding
    standard it is actually Taiwan, who have submitted many thousands of
    dubious personal name use characters for encoding -- although they
    have recently withdrawn over 6,500 such characters submitted for

    Even if we were to encode all the possible CJKV glyph variants, in
    addition to the "Old Hanzi" characters (which are going to be
    encoded), they would hardly fill up anything like the remaining twelve
    non-PUA planes that are still available for use.


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