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    William J Poser said on Tue, May 08, 2007 at 02:11:55PM -0400,:

    > Hunh? The swastika is already in Unicode. U+534D is the "left-facing
    > swastika", U+5350 the "right-facing swastika". This is entirely
    > appropriate. To begin with, swastika has many uses other than as a
    > symbol of Nazism.

    The swastika is a Hindu motif. (would not call it a ``symbol'' - it
    the sense that there is nothing holy about it, at least, for me, and
    no body is going to accuse of scarilege if you deface it).
    > For example, on Japanese and Taiwanese maps it
    > is used to mark the position of temples. Moreover, even as a symbol
    > of Nazism it is neutral - that is, it can be used to promote Nazism
    > or to condemn it.

    Hmmm.... in the Hindu tradition within India, you will find only the
    right facing swastika.

    The left facing swastika seems to be a non-Indian aberration. (As a
    kid, when I drew a swastika for the first time, it was a left facing
    one, and I was corrected - and no, I was NOT told that it was bad or
    inauspicious - I was simply told that the left facing swastika is an
    aberration introduced by the Nazis.).

    See . Except for description of
    the left facing swastika, I agree with most of the article. Well, I
    may be wrong, or have a plain ``closed mind'' about the left handed

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