Re: Unicode conversion to normal asci file

From: Raymond Mercier (
Date: Wed Jun 06 2007 - 15:25:25 CDT

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    >>In this case, converting ISO 8859-1 to ASCII by "removing accents".
    >>I'm sure there are many options, as well as much opinion against doing
    >>it all

    A related question concerns the many programs that will not accept a file
    name that deviates from 'pure' ascii. Even the latest Winzip will not open a
    file that has a name like ṇ.zip, and nor will the Hex Workshop. If you try
    to open αβγδ.zip Winzip reads it as αβ? Although the latest Adobe
    Reader (8.0) will cope, the previous version 7 would not. The latest Adobe
    will even open 晦.pdf.
    As a programmer I know that it is no big deal to accomodate such file names,
    and yet software developers are very slow to catch on.

    Raymond mercier

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