Re: CSets 2.1 released

From: Aiet Kolkhi (
Date: Thu Jun 14 2007 - 18:17:30 CDT

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    Hello Mark,

    CSets is a wonderful package.

    Taking a loot at the list, it includes two 8-bit Georgian character
    sets (GEO-ITA – aka Georgian-BPG and GEO-PS – aka GESCII).

    In fact, there are two more character sets used in Georgian. One of
    them is 7-bit charset Georgian Latin (or Georgian Transliterated) and
    is used in the majority of Georgian written correspondence and
    typography. About 90 % of Georgian computer typefaces are set in this

    Fortunately this is changing as all Georgian sites seem to be using
    UTF-8 (about 90% UTF-8, 8% GeoLat & 2% GEO-PS). Of course, nearly 100%
    of Georgian software localization in accomplished in Unicode on all
    major platforms.

    This is partly due to lack of or incorrect Unicode Georgian keyboard
    input layouts available on popular operating systems by default. This
    issue has been resolved on Microsoft Vista and Fontconfig (thus all
    major GNU Linux distributions) and remains to be solved on Apple OS X.

    Do you think it would be wise to add GeoLat character set to CSets?
    GeoLat is a very aggressive 7-bit character set, placing all
    contemporary Georgian (Mkhedruli) characters over Latin characters
    within 0040 - 007A ASCII range.

    For comparison, over 90% of conversions on Georgian encoding
    conversion site [1] is done from GeoLat (called _eng_ on the site) to


    Noshre Chkhaidze

    Aiet Kolkhi

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