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Date: Fri Jul 13 2007 - 11:38:36 CDT

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    John Hudson wrote:

    > re.
    A beautiful picture. I'd seen it in Sirat's book also, but now in color
    it's much clearer.

    I've actually managed to work out how to read at least a little of it,
    working out the conventions they're using and so on. The text is Exodus
    chapter 7 (chapter 7 begins after the gold line near the top of the
    right-hand page. The line above that is the end of chapter 6, naturally).
    > The bleed-through from the reverse of the pages makes this manuscript
    > look messier than it is. My guess, based on the positioning, is that
    > the red marks were written first. The green ink has fared less well,
    > making those marks look older, but they are positioned around the red
    > marks, not vice versa. The red marks are exactly where you would
    > expect them to be relative to the letters, and are not displaced by
    > the green marks.
    The red marks are vowels. The green marks (if you can distinguish them
    from the ones showing through from the other side of the page) are
    cantillations (except for the shadda, which is used where a dagesh would
    be used in Hebrew, since they mean the same thing). The cantillations
    are in the ordinary notation, making perfect sense in the order given.
    And that makes sense with your observations too: vowels are decidedly
    higher on the pecking order than cantillations, even in ordinary
    typography the cantillations are fit in around the vowels, which are not
    normally shifted around much to make room for them.


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