RE: Generic base characters (was: Hebrew generic base)

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Date: Sat Jul 14 2007 - 23:52:51 CDT

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    > I was thinking in terms of something essentially informational
    > and advisory: a list of Unicode characters that are known to be
    > used as generic bases... This list and appropriate comments
    > could be appended to section 5.13 Rendering Nonspacing Marks.

    That sounds useful to me. It's not something UTC would need to process; the editorial committee could handle that on their own, if you provided some draft text for them to use.

    > I had not considered the idea that one might recommend that any
    > of the geometric symbol characters might be used as generic bases.
    > This might be a viable approach for a layout engine to take, but
    > probably not for a font developer. I'm imagining that there are
    > probably not more than ten generic bases that are attested,
    > perhaps fewer, and that is something that is manageable from a
    > font development perspective.

    I agree.


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