Re: Generic base characters

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Tue Jul 17 2007 - 19:35:31 CDT

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    Behnam said:

    > But if it is a Unicode bug, it shouldn't matter
    > unless Apple didn't follow the buggy instruction.
    > Maybe there is also a matter of interpretation of Unicode rules.

    It isn't a Unicode bug.

    It is a matter of interpretation as to what to do to
    display the Tamil sequence <la, -ai, -i> (<0BB2, 0BC8, 0BBF>).

    The Unicode rules say that the -ai vowel is coded following
    the consonant, even though it displays to the left of it,
    and that you use U+0BC8 to represent the -ai vowel.

    Unicode doesn't say what you have to do with that -i, nor
    does it disallow <0BB2, 0BC8, 0BBF> as a valid sequence in
    Tamil. Whether or not that makes any sense in Tamil is
    up to Tamil usage, and to Tamil grammar, as Sinnathurai Srivas
    keeps reminding us.

    Well, if it turns out that <0BB2, 0BC8, 0BBF> is used in
    Tamil, as appears to be the case, then you ought to do
    something with the -i vowel, and while XP treated it as
    an exception, apparently Vista does the correct thing and
    simply ligates the -i onto the la, as it would do for
    a <la, -i> sequences without the left-displaced -ai vowel.
    Problem solved.


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