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Date: Tue Jul 17 2007 - 18:38:34 CDT

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    Thank you for this valuable information.

    This is very confusing for every developer.

    Mostly all reputable font will have the dotted circle included within it, as this is a code that is defined like any other code. Not worth dicussing about those sub-standard fonts that does not include the dotted circle within the font.

    If the above is accepted, there is no two solutions as far as font is concerned. It is practicable to assume all fonts must have dotted circle.

    It boiles down to rendering engine's behaviour. I'm surpriced to see Unicode does not ownup to problems caused by Unicode. Rendering engines will follow, if Unicode defines the requirement in a logical manner. I do not think developers are doing a chaotic development. I think Unicode is causing a chaotic situation.


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      1) There is absolutely no requrement, from Unicode's side, to include a dotted circle in a font.

      2) As I've mentioned (quite often by now), Unicode does NOT require inserting dotted circles like that.
      However, it does not rule it out either, as it should do (at some appropriate level).

      (There is no dotted circle in the character string below, but some systems, ill-advicedly, insert one
      during display.)

          /kent k

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        உந்தி முதலா முந்துவளி தோன்றித்
        தலையினும் மிடற்றினும் நெஞ்சினும் நிலைிப்

        There may be two or more reasons why you are not seeing the dotted circle.
        1/ The font you use may have illegally omitted to include dotted circle within the font
        2/ The rendering engine you use may not support Unicode requirements on dotted circle
        3/ Their may be other reasons.

        Also I think that the data you received would still have code for dotted circle included within it, even though you are not able to see it.
        ie, It is not only a visible effect, but dotted circle is part of (archived) data.


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          I'm not quite sure I'm getting it.


          On 17-Jul-07, at 6:02 PM, Sinnathurai Srivas wrote:

            Dotted circle does not indicate one has made an error, but it indicates that this is a Unicode bug due to�design errors.
            3.1.1 line2 at


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