Re: Titles and headings in Georgian script

From: Aiet Kolkhi (
Date: Wed Jul 25 2007 - 05:23:26 CDT

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    I agree to the comments.

    I gave the explanation in order to address the questions, though I am
    not yet suggesting that Mtavruli style be added to a separate range.

    As I noted earlier, the norm describing the increased use of
    contemporary "Mtavruli" style does not exist in Georgia yet. Should
    this change in the feature, there may be necessity adding separate
    range for it, but this will depend on the language norm adopted by the

    I would not fully agree with comparing Mtavruli style characters with
    bold or italic style, as it is a bit more than that, but has not
    reached the state when Mtavruli style characters are required to
    properly present Georgian text (be it at the beginning of sentence or
    titles), in which case a separate range would be necessary.

    Currently no Georgian language norm recognizes the existence of the style.

    Regarding the typefaces, unfortunately there is not a single Georgian
    Unicode-encoded typeface placing Mtavruli style characters in 0D0-10FF
    range. They all incorrectly place the Mtavruli style characters in
    10A0–10C5 range.

    I do not think anyone has supported the idea of placing the characters
    there, but this is how Georgian vendors seem to work. Regarding
    international vendors, no big font vendor has created a typeface
    Georgian typeface with Mtavruli style yet.

    Monotype/Microsoft Sylfaen typeface only covers Mkhedruli script.
    Arial Unicode MS typeface covers Mkhedruli, but has spacing issues in
    certain applications.

    Aiet Kolkhi

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