RE: Titles and headings in Georgian script

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Wed Jul 25 2007 - 06:58:19 CDT

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    Denis Jacquerye [] wrote:
    > Small-capitals of non existant capitals doesn't make sense to me.
    > Titling style does.

    This is just a question of terminology. In both cases this designate a font
    variant: I also indicated that the terms "small-caps" was not universal and
    that other terms were used for designating other similar styles like
    "x-caps". I did not use the terms "small capitals", just the SYMBOLIC name
    "small-caps" which DOES NOT restrict to "small capitals" and does not
    necessarily means capitals (in fact it does not indicate true capitals).

    The terms "titling" would as much wrong when the style would be used to
    emphasize FULL PARAGRAPHS of texts (such as important notices like absence
    of warranties in a software licence or contract) if you take them too
    scrupulously. So reread what I wrote, I used "small-caps" not "small

    Technically, for rendering purpose, this choice of terminology DOES NOT make
    any difference (look for example about the terminologies "letter modifier"
    or "punctuation" given in Unicode, it is not always meaning the same thing
    in all scripts or languages). What is important is that it designates a
    consistent rendering feature, here a font variant, independently of its
    actual use or meaning in the text or script, and the fact that there exists
    other known variants (like alternate figure styles for digits, superscripts
    and subscripts...)

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