RE: UAX29-12 text boundaries: the case of apostrophes

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Wed Jul 25 2007 - 09:04:07 CDT

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    Note that for some unknown reason, a part of my sentence appears incorrectly
    in Outlook producing little sense, despite it was correctly entered (you can
    see it when trying to reply to my message by quoting it, or by looking at
    its source (CTRL+F3 in MSOE, right-click Message in list and select
    properties in Outlook):

    > (...)
    > For example the city of "Faa'a" which should better use a right curly
    > apostrophe (or sometimes a more technical character, almost never seen)
    > i.e. U+2018, but is commonly written with one of the two other apostrophes
    > (and in the official French IGN toponymy or INSEE administrative division
    > names, this Polynesian glottal letter is most simply omitted, producing
    > just "Faaa").
    > (...)

    I suspect a bug in the MS Outlook renderer for plain text (yes the message
    was sent in plain-text only, just sent with UTF-8 encoding). Outlook
    incorrectly repeats some parts of the text in the middle and mixes these
    parts in some strange way.

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