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Date: Mon Aug 06 2007 - 14:46:15 CDT

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    On 2007.08.06, 03:33, Marnen Laibow-Koser <> wrote:

    >> Number markings on a log (found in ...).
    > Aack! I forgot to finish typing that. They were found in Shorkasy;
    > I have no idea where that is, or if that place has another name in
    > English.

    It has another name in *Chuvash*, though, with "o" instead of "u":

    Incidently, the Chuvash Wikipedia keeps using latin a-breve and e-breve
    instead of cyrillic, for lack of font support — like most computer users,
    acually. I was told that they are prepared to convert the whole thing
    overnight as soon as a change-over is decided. Not really great news, but
    it could be worse.

    OTOH, font providers could very easily add mappings for U+04D0, U+04D1,
    U+04D6 and U+04D7 to their glyphs for U+0102, U+0103, U+0114 and U+0115.
    Surely, the cyrillic breve is slightly different from the Latin one in
    serif faces but 1. it would be better than a .notdef glyph, 2. Unicode
    doesn't think this difference is relevant (and rightly so IMHO), and 3.
    all texts ever printed in Chuvash have latin breves above "e" and "a"
    along with cyrillic breves above "i", so it would be the expected result.

    On 2007.08.06, 02:26, William J Poser <> wrote:

    > The Chuvash numerals are not mentioned by Ifrah or Meninger. Did you
    > by any chance bring back any materials on them from your stay in the
    > Chuvash Republic?

    Sadly no. My Chuvash friends -- all of them young university students,
    very interested in languages and cultures -- suffered (with one or two
    exceptions) from the native-culture prestige-lack minus-complex so often
    in Europe (in places like Wales, Basque Country, Britanny or the Rumantsch
    speaking area) a couple of decades ago. :-(

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