RE: New Corrigendum to The Unicode Standard

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Sat Aug 18 2007 - 21:27:04 CDT

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    Can we say somewhere that Unicode 5.0 without the corrigendum is no more
    compliant, and that Unicode 5 with corrigendum 6 should have an easier name?
    such as Unicode 5.0.6?


    The line of backward compatibility should be easy to understand from a
    graph, because Unicode 5.0.d0 (the new name for Unicode 5 without the
    corrigendums) is an compatible fork?


    I propose a name for those forks by marking them with “d’ (i.e. defective).
    This way Unicode 5.0 will only refer to subversions without the “d”. if all
    versions before corrigendum 6 are part of the fork, then it would be simpler
    to say that Unicode 5.0 currently represents only Unicode 5.0.6.


    Such compatibility graph should be documented somewhere on the Unicode site,
    with the incompatible branches linked to the list of their incompatibilities
    with the trunk.



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    What makes quotation marks any different than other mirroring characters in
    BiDi context? if it's only backward compatibility, it's not good enough for
    maintaining or removing mirroring property from one character or the other.

    Mirroring property was a bad idea from the start and as long as the position
    of cursor is well defined within a BiDi context, the writer knows which
    character he or she wants to use to open or close.

    This property should be removed from all characters such as parentheses and
    brackets etc. as well. Backward compatibility is just a matter of 'find and
    replace' if need be.

    Get rid of mirrors all together. It's a bad idea.


    Now Hebrew script might be interested in mirroring property for question
    mark, comma, and semicolon!




    On 17-Aug-07, at 1:34 AM, Asmus Freytag wrote:

    On 8/16/2007 9:33 PM, Philippe Verdy wrote:

    This corrigendum is quite troubling; in a BiDi context, this means that
    initial quotation marks will not be mirrored.

    The corrigendum restores the mirrored property of these quotation marks to
    the status that they had before Unicode 5.0. (in other words, it reverses a
    change made in 5.0, which was found to adversely effect existing data).
    Rather than being troubling, the corrigendum is a welcome correction to a
    problem that had been introduced in Unicode 5.0.

    The way quotation marks are used, neither automatic mirroring, nor the
    absence of such mirroring is an ideal solution. Removing the Bidi_Mirroring
    property, as the corrigendum does, preserves compatibility with the status
    quo ante.

    Implementations that claim conformance to Unicode 5.0 *with Corrigendum 6
    applied* can now be conformant *and* be backwardly compatible with Unicode
    4.1 and earlier, as well as forward compatible with Unicode 5.1.


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