Re: Han unification criteria - question about U+5C07

From: Julian Bradfield (
Date: Mon Aug 20 2007 - 10:19:39 CDT

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    >On 20/08/07, Julian Bradfield <> wrote:
    >> The characters are the Chinese and Japanese versions of U+5C07
    >> (amongst other things, the jiang4 in Chinese ma2-jiang4).
    >> In Chinese fonts, this character is:
    >> left: radical 90 "half tree trunk"
    >> right: top: radical 36 "evening" plus extra dot (this dot being
    >> omitted in the simplified form)
    >> bottom: radical 41 "inch"
    >> In Japanese fonts, the top right component is instead the variant form
    >> of radical 87 "claw".
    >U+5C06 å°� is the standard Japanese form of the character.

    Not according to the printed reference charts. In the reference
    charts, the U+5C06 displays the Chinese simplified form of U+5C07,
    with the "evening" radical. The Japanese form, as I said, has the
    "claw" radical.

    So the question is also valid applied to U+5C06.

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