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From: James Kass (
Date: Thu Aug 23 2007 - 14:35:06 CDT

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    Asmus Freytag wrote,

    > Now, for typeset material, the Unicode book, and including
    > the UAXs, which were recently added to the printed book, the
    > consortium has taken the pains to eliminate or convert ' and " as
    > you can see if you look at Unicode 5.0. The same material was also
    > proof-read by an independent professional. That's very appropriate
    > for something published as a book, but not something that the
    > consortium can afford to do across its ever-changing website.

    Printed material such as books contains glyphs rather than
    characters. Only electronic text consists of characters. Making
    a web page publicly available on-line is considered publishing,
    and web pages contain electronic text.

    It makes no difference whether a published book used an ASCII
    apostrophe, a proper apostrophe, a font-hack, or the P.U.A. in
    its source material, as that source information does not transfer
    to the printed page.

    It does make a difference which character is used in electronic
    text. Web pages on the Unicode site should be exemplary.

    Best regards,

    James Kass

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