Re: New Public Review Issue: Proposed Update UTS #18

From: Mike (
Date: Thu Sep 20 2007 - 13:02:24 CDT

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    >> A few months ago I reported a problem with UAX #18 using this page,
    > [i.e., the web form on the Unicode site]
    >> but I never received any confirmation other than that the web server
    >> apparently accepted my message. The problem I reported was not
    >> changed in this new update, so I don't have a lot of confidence in
    >> this method of reporting problems. Here is what I submitted:
    > FYI. Your report was dated July 22, and your feedback went into document
    > L2/07-250, which was reviewed by UTC in the August meeting. We do try to be
    > meticulous about formatting and sending these reports on to UTC, or
    > individuals, as appropriate.

    Thanks for letting me know what happened. However, this was all
    invisible to me, and I think the feedback could be improved.
    Perhaps you could send an email indicating that a topic has been
    added to the L2 document and will be reviewed. A followup email
    stating what the decision was regarding the defect report would
    also have been appreciated.

    So was there a decision made about this?


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