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From: 'Mark E. Shoulson' (
Date: Tue Sep 25 2007 - 22:02:04 CDT

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    Philippe Verdy wrote:

    > Mark E. Shoulson wrote:
    >> Well, it's definitely an old Semitic. Though it looks a little more
    >> Aramaic than Samaritan/Hebrew. It looks rather like what you see on
    >> some old coins, but I'm not expert enough to pin down the exact period.
    >> Let me see if I can make out some words, I'll write if I can.
    > The presence of the 7-branch candelar and the cup is a string indication
    > that it has some Samaritan or Hebrew origin, but it does not necessarily
    > means that it is written in those languages.
    No, but the presence of Semitic-looking letters does sort of lean one's
    opinion in that direction...
    > For me the bottom part of the stone (below the horizontal line of dots) is
    > not the same script as the part above. There may even be as much as 4
    > scripts on this stone, possibly showing the same text translated.
    I don't buy it; I'm not convinced they're different scripts.
    > So, for me it looks like an ancestral form of Georgian or Armenian (in the
    > middle), or a mix of several scripts (like a Rosette stone). The top part
    > (around the candelar) is probably more archaic than the bottom part which
    > shows more regular glyph forms, and looks like some evolved cuneiform or
    > proto-semitic script.
    Fascinating. A cuneiform that evolved into ordinary letters like the
    YOD, TAV, MEM, etc that I see...
    > Not everyting is text, there are decorations on the sides and bottom (a
    > olive tree branch?), the top (stars, suns?)... The right side is severely
    > altered (I think it contained a tree branch too)
    > It's hard to see the letter forms due to the important glares and lack of
    > contrast... Is it made of stone or leather?
    The picture was introduced to us as "script details of some lead
    plates." So they could be made out of anything, really. Even lead.


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