Re[2]: Root and fraction (2 new symbols)

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Date: Thu Sep 27 2007 - 04:16:35 CDT

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    >> Impossibility to write commonly used formulas with root and
    >> fraction _in textual_ file looks poorly, archaically too.
    >> But symbols 'root' and 'fraction' exist! Why nobody guess
    >> to interprete them as control symbol.
    >> Let's agree to display expression "(a+b+c)\(d+e)" as
    >> a+b+c
    >> -----
    >> d+e
    >>and expression "a#(b+c)" (where # is mark of root) as
    >> a ___
    >> \/b+c
    SM> There is linear format used by Microsoft Office and described in
    SM> by Murray Sargent. It is very close to
    SM> natural representation of math formulas and what you describe. But it
    SM> still does not declare any rendering rules, only semantics.


    But these are the markup language once again.

    Plain text is used in _all_ type of documents
    (biologistic one, economistic one, texts of schoolchildren),
    and manufactorers of software must be prevented from embeding of
    _particular_ markup language into all system.

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