Re[2]: Root and fraction (2 new symbols)

From: Dmitry Turin (
Date: Fri Sep 28 2007 - 01:21:11 CDT

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    >> Plain text is used in _all_ type of documents
    >> (biologistic one, economistic one, texts of schoolchildren),
    >> and manufactorers of software must be prevented from embeding of
    >> _particular_ markup language into all system.
    JH> So you want to force software developers to use a plain text encoding standard for
    JH> *layout* to prevent them from using markup standards?
    I divide all mathimatical use cases into __usual__ and __special__.
    (1) Usual use cases (index, limit, root, fraction) is used in
    biologistic, economistic, schoolchildren's, etc documents.
    And i entered usual use cases into plain text.
    (2) I left special use cases for markup languages (html, latex, etc)

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