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Date: Fri Sep 28 2007 - 04:51:34 CDT

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    >> (2) My proposal not only economize mark-place in table of encoding
    >> (what is important itself), but also simplifies comparison
    >> of various variants of spelling (all letters are lower-case,
    >> first letter is upper-case, all letters are upper-case),
    >> because comparison is reduced to comparison in one variant
    >> of spelling (all letters are lower-case).

    PV> There's nothing wasted in the
    PV> Unicode standard due to the encoding of capitals.
    PV> case-insensitive searches, the
    PV> algorithms are extremely simple and fast in their implementation
    These algorithms are unnecessary in general.

    PV> it does not work with roundtrip compatibility
    Eternity (unlimited time) is before us !
    You are seggesting to carry gasket through future time !

    ---use cases

    PV> matches that are unrelated (take Italian for example,
    PV> "uno" is not synonym of "UNO")
    In my proposal, "uno" is not synonym of "#uno",
    where "#" is prefix-byte 'abbreviation'.
    "#uno" will be displayed as "UNO".

    PV> capital in the middle of a proper name
    e.g. "aaa#bccc" (where "#" is prefix-byte 'own name')
    will be displayed as "aaaBccc"

    PV> Your suggestion just looks like
    Maybe you don't understand my proposal !?
    Give me _concrete_ examples of word/phrase,
    which you don't know how to write within my proposal,
    and i will send you _concrete_ answers.


    PV> if you ignore capitals in many languages
    not ignore, but designate in other way, what has advantage

    PV> NO capital at the first letter (for example with prefixes)

    PV> Capitals are considered separate letters
    as i already wrote:
    "Widespread error is equating of designation of a letters (_coding_) and
    their graphic images (_font_). It's absolutely different things".

    PV> Case mappings are already working perfectly with those scripts, as well as
    PV> collation
    PV> Your suggestion does not solve any problem that is not already solved
    I'm quoting myself once again:
    "- So, we have proved, that all, what you offer to make on your a-a-a... Fortran,
       is possible to make on assembler.
     - First, I know this without you, second, speech was not about that".

    PV> there are many other reasons why your solution is even more complicate
    List it, please. In way #1 ... , #2 ... , #3 ..., etc

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