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    Dmitry Turin wrote,

    >JK> I modified your advice and typed key words "Dmitry Turin"
    >JK> into a Google search box.
    >I'd like, that you read my ideas in more systematic state,
    >e.g. in or

    No doubt. But the Google search was instructive and seemed quicker.

    Write up your ideas as formal proposals, submit them through
    proper channels, and I'm confident that they will get all
    the attention they deserve.

    >JK> Please check the Unicode public e-mail list archives for key
    >JK> words like "bytext" or "chromatic font research".
    >But i don't find my ideas in archive.
    >Please, give me more concrete links.
    >I would very thankfull to you for that (seriosly).

    Try "chromatic font research" on Google, then. The idea, in this
    case, is that color should be an aspect of plain text. Various
    people at various times have proposed mechanisms for accomplishing
    this. The mechanisms are unimportant, as the idea itself is flawed.
    Until proven otherwise, color is not an aspect of plain text. So,
    the onus is on the proposer of any mechanism to demonstrate that
    color is required in plain text to retain semantic distinctions
    rather than to note how cool it would be to do it and how simply
    it can be done. (Some writing systems may be exceptional in this
    regard, though.)

    Some of you may have missed the letter to which Dmitry replied.

    Pity that. So, here it is...

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    >I modified your advice and typed key words "Dmitry Turin"
    >into a Google search box.
    >Quoting from,
    ># [09:06] <mjs> Dmitry Turin never ceases to entertain
    ># [09:09] <anne> he posted something
    ># [09:09] <anne> ?
    ># [09:09] * anne missed it
    ># [09:10] <anne> oh, on "Thursday, 28 June"
    ># [09:10] <anne> why does he post in the past?!
    ># [09:10] <anne> check
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    ># [10:26] <Lachy> Dmitry's emails are contradictory. First he suggests to replace
    ><object> and <link>, and presumably <img>, etc. too, unifying them as <link>.
    ># [10:26] <Lachy> Then he proposes to replace the attributes href, action, etc.
    >with src, where it's meaning is determined by the element. That won't work if all
    >such elements are replaced with link.
    ># [10:26] <Lachy> So he basically wants <link src=""> for all linking and embedding.
    ># [10:37] <MikeSmith> I'm not yet convinced that Dmitri is real. I think he might
    >be some kind of avant-garde surrealist performance artist
    ># [10:40] <Lachy> have you seen the proposals he has on his website?
    ># [10:41] <Lachy> they're a lot more nonsensical than the stuff he has posted to
    >the list.
    >(end of quote)
    >Your ideas are unusual enough to suggest trolling, which isn't
    >conclusive, of course. But, your ideas aren't unusual enough
    >that they haven't been proposed in the past. You face an
    >uphill climb.
    >Please check the Unicode public e-mail list archives for key
    >words like "bytext" or "chromatic font research".
    > ...
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    >>Subject: Re[2]: Marks

    Now, having read *all* of the above, I have a couple of observations.

    #1 - Quoting from a private letter on a public list is
    considered uncultured.

    #2 - I'm wondering what "gavin" was so busy doing that
    he didn't notice he'd timed-out for five minutes.

    Best regards,

    James Kass

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