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Date: Sat Sep 29 2007 - 06:24:11 CDT

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    > As an emblem of religious affiliation, perhaps the fish and cross have 'approximately the
    > same meaning', but the fish symbol is actually a direct equivalent to the Chi-Rho
    > monogram. Both are based on the the first letters of the Jesus Christ's name in Greek:
    > Ἰ[ησοῦς] Χ[ριστός] -> ΙΧ[θυς] = fish

    I have usually seen the fish described in terms of an anagram:

            Ἰ[ησοῦς] Χ[ριστός] Θ[εοῦ] Ὑ[ιός] Σ[ωτήρ]


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