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Date: Sat Sep 29 2007 - 14:02:20 CDT

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    David Starner wrote:

    >> Yes, in my opinion encoding the ichthys symbol would be as unthinkable
    >> as encoding religious swastika symbols.

    > I don't see it as unthinkable; it just needs proof that it's being
    > used as plain text. The closest I've seen, or heard described here, is
    > phone book ads, in which they're usually used more as an icon than in
    > plain text.

    I work fairly closely with members of the Society of Biblical Literature and other
    academic organisations, institutions and publishers dealing with early Christian texts.
    This is the context in which a need for such a symbol in text is most likely to be found,
    if it exists. Members of the SBL have specifically requested the staurogram character, but
    have not, so far, identified the ixthys symbol as a need. I'll ask them about this and
    whether it is something that is encountered in text.

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