Re: Proposal for additional syntax (was Re: New Public Review Issue: Proposed Update UTS #18)

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Tue Oct 02 2007 - 08:59:34 CST

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    Also, there were some interesting suggestions for syntax additions that may
    be worth mentioning in informative text.

    1. not equals
    As well as

       - \P{propname=value} and [:^propname=value:]

    to have:

       - \{propname!=value}, \p{propname‚Ȇvalue}
       - [:propname!=value:], [:propname‚Ȇvalue:]

    2. multiple values

       - propname=value1|value2|value3...


       - \p{gc=L|M|Nd} instead of [\p{gc=L}\p{gc=M}\p{gc=Nd}]

    3. regex values

       - propname=/regexForValue/


       - \p{name=/MARK/} or equivalently \N{/MARK/}

    open issue: whether it matches or searches. That is, to match all characters
    with names starting with "LETTER" does one use:

       - \N{/LETTER.*/}
       - \N{/^LETTER/}

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