Re: Fish (was Re: Marks)

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Tue Oct 02 2007 - 14:20:42 CST

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    Thanks Philippe. I wasn't looking for a lecture on how to use the
    internet. I'm also not making a proposal to encode these characters,
    merely pointing out that from my *personal* observation, they certainly
    appear to be able to claim to be symbols used in text. (One of my
    earlier posts seemed to say the opposite, because of a missing 'not' -
    sorry to all that came to agree).


    On 10/2/2007 11:47 AM, Philippe Verdy wrote:
    > You may find them online, but using non-encoded forms:
    > * may be using specific embedded fonts referencing some private usage
    > encoding relative to that specific font.
    > * in HTML pages where they could be currently substituted every as images
    > (possibly with the help of CSS styles to avoid making complicated references
    > to them through an image element with an attribute and an URI)
    > * as embedded SVG objects within XML data (later referended with a <svg
    > use="#ref"/> element.
    > * in PDF documents (everything is a graphic object, including the rest of
    > the text which is encoded in its rendered form as a set of graphic drawing
    > primitives)
    > * in scanned pages of publications
    > All these uses will be difficult to find through standard search engines
    > that don't know how they are represented (there's currently no good way to
    > look for graphics in the web without the help of metadata for indexing
    > them).
    > May be a search for images whose description contains the "fish" word could
    > help find some of these documents: we could first search for matching glyphs
    > and then we can look for other documents which intend to embed them this
    > way, if there's a searchable index of external references (Google may
    > perform this type of searches, i.e. looking for documents that make external
    > references to the URL of an image).

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