Re: Emoticons

From: Frank Ellermann (
Date: Tue Oct 09 2007 - 05:07:24 CDT

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    Marion Gunn wrote:

    > Whatever happened to 'dingbats', as a technical term?

    It's fine, but neither superset nor subset of 'emoticon'.

    Many 'dingbats' have nothing to do with 'emoticons' or
    the 'smiley' subset of 'emoticons'. And many 'emoticons'
    don't have a language / script independent version, let
    alone a glyph in a font.

    > Is "emoticon" now the official technical term by which
    > all such symbols must be collectively referred to in all
    > IT standards dealing with them?

    I'm not aware of any standards yet. I recall some kind of
    "dictionary" for "locations" in the IETF GEOPRIV RFCs, and
    something similar for "emotions", but IIRC that's so far
    only IANA "registries" (enumerations) of English words.

    And there's a W3C incubator group about "emotions", but I
    lost interest when I found out that they try to tackle the
    real thing (emotions) and not only "emoticons".


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