Re: Encoding Personal Use Ideographs (was Re: Level of Unicode support required for various languages)

Date: Thu Nov 01 2007 - 00:35:15 CST

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    Quoting Ben Monroe <>:

    > Apologies for the related response.
    > Been rather busy.
    > John Knightley wrote:
    >> Mr <U+2FF5 U+9580 U+9F8D> will be pleased.
    > Yes, I am.
    > However, I expected the following protest.
    > Andrew West wrote:
    >> If we were to encode it now on Ben's word that he needs it, and he dies
    >> before achieving the fame that he undoubtedly deserves, Unicode will
    >> be lumbered ever after with a character that nobody needs.
    > I hope that you are not wishing that I pass away any time soon.
    > Seriously though, out of the over a million code points, not one could
    > be given for my surname?
    > (Before you suggest the PUA, please read through to the end of my message.)
    > There are a great deal of encoded characters that are honestly of
    > not use to me.
    > But surely they are useful to at least someone. And when that someone
    > desires to communicate said character(s) with others, it becomes
    > useful to many.
    > In the real, present world I do in fact (hand) write name as <U+2FF5
    > U+9580 U+9F8D>.
    > You and others may not find it useful, but I have an immediate use for
    > it that I could use on a daily basis.
    > I'm not asking you to take my word.
    > What kind of documents would you like?
    > My resources as an individual are limited, but if it is within my
    > ability, I will supply whatever I can.
    > Besides personally written stuff, I have correspondences from others
    > using the character.
    > I believe I even have a redelivery postal notice with it.

    Do you have for example a passport with your name on it in this form?
    An ID card? A birth certificate?

    Actually if you do a pua font that has your name in it call the font
    BenMonroe or whatever, then distribute this font with any docuemnts,
    then your friends will be able to read things fine. Many formats
    retain font information. PUA points are designed for among other
    things names and intermediate solutions. With only .notdef and your
    name character the font file would be very small, easy to attach or
    down load.

    Even if the process was started today, your name would be in extension
    F will become part of unicode in about ten years time. (Extension C
    will get in in either 2008 or 2009, Extension D at least two or three
    years after that, Extension E again two or three years, etc ). Even if
    somehow included in Extension E that would mean a wait of 5-8 years.


    Yours sincerely

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