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From: Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven (
Date: Thu Nov 01 2007 - 02:47:13 CST

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    Hi Jukka,

    -On [20071031 23:09], Jukka K. Korpela ( wrote:
    >I was unable to find any real information about the character coverage of
    >the fonts or font (the page says "fonts", you say "the beta font"). The
    >descriptions are _very_ abstract, except for the "STIX Font Glyph Tables",
    >which appears to be a huge file (and might freeze a poor browser).
    >So I'm a bit puzzled. A simple demo image containing some useful special
    >characters not commonly found in fonts, with italics and bold versions too,
    >would say much more than vague verbal explanations.

    I'm sorry, I figured my notice was sufficient for those with interest in this
    kind of exact science support.

    I'm merely a bystander whom, having worked for a library and doing MathML
    work, experienced first-hand how sad the state of freely available science
    fonts is.

    I posted to the list since they're basing this all on the Unicode standard and
    as such the expertise here is huge to beta test this font now before it gets
    released and used.

    Hope this clears up some things...

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