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From: Murray Sargent (
Date: Wed Oct 31 2007 - 22:51:20 CST

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    Basically for a math font to work with Word 2007, all the math characters and glyph variants need to be in a single font. We’re dreaming about how that might be accomplished with the STIX fonts. The idea is to have STIXGeneral.otf contain all the math alphanumerics (including the italic and/or bold math alphanumerics), the various size parentheses, brackets, and other delimiters, as well as the script and scriptscript sizes needed for subscripts and superscripts. It appears as if most of these characters and glyph variants are contained in the STIX fonts, so hopefully it’s just a matter of collecting them into a single font.

    I was able to make STIXGeneral.otf work in a Word 2007 math zone so long as I only used math Fraktur and ASCII characters. But this is just a tempting suggestion of what one wants to have.


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    We need to fix some things in order to use the fonts with Word 2007. In particular, the math alphanumerics don’t display for some reason. I don’t see them in Unibook either.
    They are certainly there


    You need to load *all* the fonts, as only the italic fonts give you the italic settings, etc. So now we have a case where people use *both* style and character code. ;-)

    But the math operator coverage is great.

    I'm guessing that this might be because the fonts are CFF OpenType, rather than TTF, and there may be assumptions in software that prevent display of Plane 1 characters in CFF fonts.
    Not the issue here, I think.



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