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Date: Mon Nov 05 2007 - 02:58:22 CST

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    -On [20071104 23:33], James Kass ( wrote:
    >>> Yes, Adam is right, of course. It is the compound word boundaries
    >>> which stop ligature formation in German, and not the syllable
    >>> boundaries which I'd mentioned in an earlier post.
    >> This is not correct. In German, the syllable boundary stops
    >> ligature formation.
    >I'm not an expert on German typesetting. Adam knows much more
    >about this than I do.
    >Quoting from this page, "Typesetting Old German",
    >"The essential points are the following: 1) don't use ligatures
    >in Latin Antiqua words, use them in French Antiqua and in
    >French Fraktur: 2) in a composite word, do not use ligatures
    >between adjacent letters of two components ..."

    I wonder if they honestly meant components, for all I know this word has no
    linguistic meaning.

    German is like Dutch, for all I know, in the ways you hyphenate words
    (typically on a syllable basis). And the way you hyphenate determines whether
    or not you can use ligatures or not. So I have to agree with Werner here, the
    syllable boundary stops the ligature formation.

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